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Going to New York!


by Brian — Posted on August 24, 2016


After we passed the customs, we went to a highway called I-70. USA highways are named by 2 digit numbers, like I-90. Unlike the USA, Canada uses 3 digit numbers like 401 or 404. After driving 20 mins, we arrived at a gas station. At that time, it was 9:00 am. When my mom and I went inside, we got the change. One of the bills were a $1 dollar bill. I never knew that there were such thing as a $1 dollar bill!

We kept on going, driving on the highway for a long time. I took a lot of pictures, like this one.


And this one.


We finally got to the hotel! The front desk person was nice. He gave us yummy cookies!


When we checked in, I was happy to see that it had a fitness center and a swimming pool! We found out that there was a shuttle bus owned by the hotel. The driver was really nice. He opened the door for us and even gave us water bottles and cookies! The service for this hotel is epic! When we finally reached the location, I looked around to explore something new.

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